Increase of Workforce Talent with DACA and DAPA

For employers, the immigration changes under the President’s Executive Order can enlarge the talent for a particular workforce.  Specifically, the immigration changes will provide work authorization for individuals who have been in the US but never changed jobs due to their illegal immigration status.  DACA and DAPA will now enable these individuals to easily work anywhere in the US.  Workers working in a particular industry for one employer may now how more opportunity to work with another employer.  Employers needing talent and experience in a particular area now may see an increase of individuals willing to changes employers.

Some of these changes are expected to begin around mid-February 2015 while others are expected in May.  For now, the USCIS is still working on the logistics and the application process.   Employers and employees should seek out experienced immigration-employment counsel on these issues.   See the attached  link to the Fact Sheet from USCIS on the application process for DACA and DAPA.



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