Attorney, Trinidad Galdean, Speaks on Immigration Updates for a PBS Television Program

The Public Broadcast Station (“PBS”) affiliate, Smokey Hills Public Television, recently invited Attorney, Trinidad Galdean, as a speaker on immigration legal updates.  The other guests included Finney County Sherriff Kevin Bascue and El Perico Journalist, Marco Alcocer.  The Hosts, Harold Orosco and Celia Earl, covered various topics and questions which concern for many communities and individuals related to immigration.

Trinidad discussed the evolution of immigration laws and changes leading the current immigration enforcement.  With Trinidad’s background with business-employment matters, he also discussed the implication of immigration issues for employers, businesses, and farmers.

Any individual, business, or community with concerns over the immigration changes needs to become better informed.  This PBS program helped to provide some information and answer the public’s concerns.


Immigration: Community’s Efforts to Becoming Informed

On March 18, 2017, a community in Wichita, KS took it upon itself to become more informed about immigration.  The event was covered by the local paper.  Over 100 people from various backgrounds attended the event. In any community, most people know another person that is somehow affected by an immigration issue.

Where an individual is in the U.S. with or without documents, the immigration issues are a daily concern. Many employers using the immigration visas to bring and attract top talent from other countries are also concerned about the immigration issues. In some communities, children worry about their parents and lives because of the immigration uncertainty.

To address the issues, it’s important to be informed about what is going on with immigration in the U.S. As referenced in the article, everyone from residents, law enforcement, and leaders want to address the issues in the best way possible for this community.  Perhaps other similar events can help address people’s concerns.  It will at least help people in becoming informed.


New Employment & Immigration Law Firm

Years ago, there were Open Houses when a business opened. Today, with websites there are Launch Dates.  We are excited to announce the website for our new Employment & Immigration Law Firm at Please share your comments or sign up for periodic Blogs and Newsletters coming soon.galdean_law-logo-2

DHS Proposed Rule to Bring International Entrepreneurs to US

Today, the Department of Homeland Security proposed a Rule directed at International Entrepreneurs. The proposed Rule is to help the U.S. “economy grow by expanding immigration options for foreign entrepreneurs who meet certain criteria for creating jobs, attracting investment and generating revenue in the U.S.” The proposed Rule plans to provide entrepreneurs an initial stay of up to two years to oversee and grow their startup entity in the United States.  The next stage of the proposed Rule is to invite public comments over a period of 45 days.

H-1b Visa Spouses Eligible for Employment Authorization

In an announcement today, the Department of Homeland Security will permit eligibility for employment authorization to H-4 dependent spouses.  These eligible H-4 dependent spouses are those married to an H-1b nonimmigrant seeking lawful permanent resident status through their employer.

H-1b visas holders are professionals in a specialty occupation.  In working with an employer, the employer may assist the H-1b individual with securing employment based lawful permanent resident status.  Currently, during this process, the H-1b holder’s spouse (i.e. H-4 dependent) is generally unable to work.  The new rule, however, changes some of these employment issues.

This new eligibility derives from the President’s November 2014 Executive Order on immigration.  It is expected this rule will make 179,000 more individuals eligible to apply for employment authorization this year and up to 55,000 more individuals eligible each subsequent year.

Applications to secure employment authorization under this new change will begin to be accepted on May 26, 2015.  Both individuals and employers looking to benefit from this change should consult with an experienced employment immigration attorney.

Updated Status of Immigration’s DACA and DAPA

Last week, a Federal Judge in Texas ordered an injunction to stop the President’s Executive Order on immigration which was issued on November 2014.  This injunction, however, only affects the Expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents. (DAPA).  The Court’s injunction does not affect those already approved for DACA.  Thus, individuals with approved DACA documentation would still need to address any renewal.

Today, the Department of Justice (DOJ) proceeded to file an appeal to hold off on the injunction.  In the alternative, the DOJ requested that the injunction only apply to Texas and not each State.  In the meantime, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has postponed accepting applications for expanded DACA.  DHS, however, confirmed individuals qualifying under the original DACA may still submit an application.

Considering the developments with DACA and DAPA, individuals and entities focused on DACA or DAPA should address any issues with competent immigration attorneys.

Increase Immigration DACA Interest as Feb. 18 Approaches

I had a pleasant interview with @KWCH12 and Reporter Beatriz Parres @KDCUBea on the immigration issues surrounding DACA and DAPA.  The interest in this immigration actions has been from both individuals and by employers.  Employers see DACA and DAPA as an opportunity to retain talent or attract experienced talent in particular areas and industries.  Look for the interview on KWCH 12 (in English) and on Univision Kansas (in Spanish) tonight.

Rollout of Expanded DACA Set with DAPA to follow

Plans continue in the Government’s efforts to prepare and handle the application process for expanded DACA and DAPA.  While immigration offices will begin accepting expanded DACA applications Feb. 18, the Administration has not waited for the Republican’s blocking efforts to play out.  The Administration has proceeded to secure office space and planning for new employees to assist with the application process.   According to the Administration, the money paying for the program is from the application fees. It is expected that expanded DACA makes 300,000 more individuals eligible.  It is expected DAPA will have approximately an additional 800,000 more applications when applications begin to be accepted (anticipated date for DAPA applications mid-May 2015).

Businesses to benefit from the Immigration Executive Order

Many of the issues related to the President’s Executive Order are designed to benefit US businesses. Especially, as it relates to professional or highly skilled workers.  These individuals are currently getting caught up or delayed in an outdated immigration system.  The Executive Order changes will provide more opportunities for US business to retain and attract these professionals.  See the attached link on a brief summary.